Workplace experience survey
This is a short survey about your experience in your workplace. The survey data will be used to inform the development of support services for employees. Candor is appreciated; information is confidential. For any questions, please contact:
Have you ever experienced a difficult situation at your current or previous workplace? *
On a scale of 1-5, how difficult was that situation?
Not at all difficult
Extremely difficult
Did you have someone you trusted to immediately talk to about that difficult situation?
What industry was this challenge in?
What was your job title or role?
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Who else was part of the challenging situation?
What age were you when it occurred?
Briefly share what you experienced.
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What did you do immediately when the situation occurred?
What was the most helpful resource, action you took, or interaction you experienced in addressing the tough situation?
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How important was immediacy in that support?
Not that important
Extremely important
Have you ever had a work situation so difficult that you decided to leave your job?
Have you ever used outside resources like an EAP (Employee Assistance Program) or a union to navigate a tough work situation?
How do you identify?
How did you hear about Empower Work?
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