Indigenous Community Form | COVID-19 Indigenous Health Partnership
To better understand the ways in which we can partner with your Indigenous community, we are asking you to provide your understanding of the following questions on this short form. We begin by relying on your general understanding of how things are, and then we hope to use this information to guide our work because you are the expert. We will use these to connect you with the right team and will be following up with you shortly to go into more detail.
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What is the best way to reach you? *
To what Indigenous Community/Nation/Peoples/Tribe do you belong? *
What languages are spoken in your community? *
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Where is your community located? *
What is your role in the community?
Briefly, what are your community needs during the pandemic? *
Would your community leaders and health leaders benefit from being able to consult a team of Indigenous medical doctors/doctors who have experience working with Indigenous Peoples?
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Would your community benefit from having COVID-19 information in your Indigenous language?
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If you answered yes to the last question, would audio, video, or text documents be the best way to convey COVID-19 info? (Can choose more than one)
What topics would be helpful to cover in video, audio, or documents on COVID-19 related info?
Would you, or someone else in your community be able to help us translate medically verified COVID-19 info into your Indigenous language?
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Would our team be able to collaborate with you to publish an article with the UN on what your community is facing during the pandemic, how you are responding, and/or your human rights situation?
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Is there anything else you would like us to know? *
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