SLEPT Analysis
This form will gather information on what your company is up against in the industry you compete in, and what it can do to be first to market with a product/service or take advantage of societal needs. For this analysis, we will be gathering most of the info. We are just asking for your perspective from your experience working in the industry. We will compile a non-biased analysis and let you know if you are correct in your observations and if there's anything else you should be aware of. The more information GBS gets from you, the better the results we'll be able to give you.

After filling out this form, a member of the GBS team will contact you do go over the results of our customized analysis. We will give your company a printable report to go over at a team meeting with a few main areas your company excels at and what you'll want to improve upon. This analysis takes a look at your perspective of your company and industry, our outsider perspective of your company and industry, in combination with additional analytical research tools and experience we have at our disposal.

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