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eno Mag aims to connect people with the natural world through art. Please submit your photos, photos of work (ceramics, sculpture, visual art, etc.), short stories, and/or poetry using this form. Written work must be 1000 words or less. There is no charge to submit and you may submit multiple pieces.

NOTE: You must have a gmail address to use this submission form. For those without gmail accounts, please email the responses to this form to enosubmissions@gmail.com. Thank you!

1. When submitting your work, please remove your name from any documents or file descriptions you submit. This ensures anonymity in the judging process. We use the submission form and title to inform artists of publication decision.
2. Please use a separate form for each submission OR make a note to judge files separately. Otherwise, submissions of more than one document using the same form will be considered as one submission.
Thank you!
how did you hear about eno Magazine?
what type of art are you submitting?
Title of piece
Please describe your piece.
Please provide a short, third person bio for yourself.
Upload your file(s) here. Note: you will need a gmail account to submit. If you do not have a gmail, please email enosubmissions@gmail.com with the responses to this form as well as your submission.
thank you! sincerely, eno editors & mother earth
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