SWIFT-SME: Mapping and stocktaking the phenomenon of smart working
This survey seeks to collect qualitative data on how European businesses coped with the transition towards smart and teleworking solutions after the outbreak of COVID-19.

The following questionnaire consists of 14 questions that we kindly invite you to answer; this will not take longer than 10 minutes.

About the context:
According to the analysts from the Joint Research Center of the European Commission, before COVID-19 only 15% of the European workforce was working remotely; the advent of the pandemic hence represents a challenge for those workers who have to shift to teleworking.

While large companies have been able to re-design their internal structures relatively quickly and efficiently, the transition towards teleworking was more challenging for micro and small enterprises.

As part of the SWIFT SME Project we are collecting views and opinions of those workers who experienced the transition towards smart working to gauge their level of preparedness and satisfaction with this innovative way of working. Your inputs will guide us in the development of training and operational tools for SMEs to more adequately embrace smart working.

For more information on the SWIFT SME project, please visit: http://www.swiftsme.eu/

Thank you very much for your collaboration.
The SWIFT SME Partnership

Data protection disclaimer: data gathered in this survey will be used only for the purpose of the mapping activity. No organisational or personal data will be made public beyond this specific setting. We have a legal duty to protect any information we collect from you with the outmost confidentiality and in full compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU) 2016/679. Any information you provide will not be transmitted to third parties.
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1. Please define the type of your organisation:
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2. Has your organisation/company ever implemented smart/teleworking before COVID-19?
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3. Are you more motivated in your work after the transition to smart working?
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4. Is your team/organisation more efficient and motivated after the transition to smart working?
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5. Do you think that by working remotely you are able to perform your tasks more efficiently and effectively?
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5a. You can elaborate in a short paragraph your answer to the previous question (optional)
6. Do you feel that you were ready and prepared to work from remote? Please, rank your readiness to smart working on a scale from 1 (absolutely not) to 10 (fully ready)
Absolutely not
Fully ready
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7. Which issues did you face in the transition from working from office to smart work? (more answers possible)
8. Has your organisation implemented specific policies and/or guidelines and/or tools to ease the transition to smart working after the pandemic?
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9. How would you rate the readiness of your organisation/company in the transition to smart working? Please, select your answer on a scale from 1 (totally inadequate) to 10 (excellent)
Totally inadequate
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9a. You can elaborate in a short paragraph your answer to the previous question
10. Do you think that smart working improved your work-life balance?
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11. Considering your experience with smart working, in the future will you still consider telecommuting?
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12. Out of the following topics for a possible training and/or tool, please select three that you believe are most relevant to empower SMEs through the transition to smart work
12a. You can recommend in a short paragraph any other training topic that might be relevant to empower SMEs through the transition to smart work
13. Do you think that a training on smart work that is made “ad hoc” for SMEs and their internal staff can be useful and relevant?
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Thank you very much for your participation. Should you like to remain updated on the implementation of the SWIFT SME project, please insert your email below. If NOT, please insert N/A
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