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Technically Awesome in Atlantic, IA offers wireless Internet service around Atlantic. We have 9 different transmission sites however don't typically serve inside the city limits except downtown.

If in doubt submit a request! We will see what we can do.

You can expect a call or email back within 48 hours.

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We offer 4 different internet plans based on the needs of different households. All of our plans will support at least 1 Netflix stream however the faster packages will support more people working at the same time.


Our typical install cost is $99 in some situations it may be more.

The Business plan has the added benefits of a VOIP Phone Line, faster upload speeds and enhanced support.

$55 BASIC - 25mbps Down 2mbps Up 200gb high speed - Good for 1-2 people who do not watch videos.
$75 SMALL FAMILY - 25mbps Down 5mbps Up - Good for a family of 3-4 where Mom and Dad watch a movie while the kids surf the Internet on other devices.
$100 LARGE FAMILY/SMALL BUSINESS - 50mbps Down 10 mbps Up - Yes it's fast.
$125 LARGE FAMILY/SMALL BUSINESS + 1 - Do you have multiple households on the same farm? We can help!

We offer 4 different Internet plans. *
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