Saturday, November 30th, 10am-4pm and Sunday, December 1st, Noon-4pm
Bancroft Street Market, 2702 S. 10th Street

• Applications due Monday, September 30th. No late applications or photos will be accepted.

• Email 3 photos (JPG, <1MB each), one MUST be of your booth set up and the others must be of your sale ready merchandise to The 3 photos are a required part of the application. If you fail to send in 3 photos by the deadline your application will not be considered.

• Approved applications will be notified by email no later than October 8th. Vendor information will be emailed 2 weeks before the show.

• Vendor fee - $85 for 8’ x 8’ indoor booth space. Payment is due for accepted vendors via PayPal to, no later than October 18th. Accepted artists will be emailed an invoice.

• For the benefit of artists and customers, Handmade Omaha is limiting the number of vendors within categories. Quality photos of your merchandise AND your display are essential.

Vendor Rules and FAQ
• This is a curated/limited space event and Handmade Omaha reserves the right to accept or decline applications as necessary.

• Attendance is required for both days and full hours of the show. Vendors who do not comply will not be allowed to participate in future shows.

• Handmade Omaha shoppers want to meet and talk with the makers and creators. Because of this, it is highly requested that the maker/creator be in their booth for the duration of the show.

• Set up times: Friday 5-8pm and Saturday 7:30am-9:30am. All vendors must be ready by 9:30am on Saturday morning. Doors open promptly at 10am on Saturday and noon on Sunday.

• All vendors are responsible for collecting and paying sales tax (Nebraska 5.5% + Omaha 1.5%) Please see the Nebraska Department of Revenue for information on how to collect and remit sales tax.

• Handmade Only! All items sold must be the creation of the vendor. Absolutely no resale items allowed.

• There is no WiFi/Internet available at the location, please plan accordingly.

• Items are NOT allowed to be hung on the walls. No nails, command hooks or sticky tack! if you sell pieces that require hanging, please show us how you plan to display your pieces in your application photos.

• You will not be allowed to sell items that can be offensive or inappropriate to children.

• In the event of inclement weather, no fees will be refunded. The event will take place regardless of weather conditions.

• Handmade Omaha and Bancroft Street Market will not be responsible for items left in the venue. Though it is a secured building, please take all valuables with you between show days.

• If accepted, you will be required to provide additional promotional photos, short artist bio, story, facts, etc, for posting on the Handmade Omaha Facebook page and Instagram account in the weeks leading up to the show. The more interesting material you provide, the better the publicity. This is separate from the application process and will take place the week after vendors have been accepted.

• We ask that you use all available methods (email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, snailmail, etc.) to help us promote the event. By working together, we can create an amazing event. This is a collaborative event and participation is expected.

• Value Added Food Items - It is the vendor’s responsibility to be familiar with the local, state and federal regulations and permits that govern the products which they sell. Only products in compliance with the regulations of the Douglas County Health Department may be sold at the Handmade Omaha sale. Vendors are responsible for securing all necessary permits and approvals. Vendors selling approved products prepared in a non-regulated, non-inspected kitchen must clearly display a sign at their stand indicating such. The sign must be clearly visible and clearly worded. A sample of acceptable wording is: "Food items were prepared in a kitchen that is not subject to regulation or inspection by the Foods Division of the Nebraska Department of Agriculture". Only certain items (mainly baked goods) are eligible for this option, please contact the Health Department for details – do not assume that your product is covered by this exemption just because you bake it. Cheesecakes, for example, are not eligible. Vendors selling items produced in a regulated kitchen must display their license at their booth. All food items (except produce and eligible baked goods) must be prepared in a licensed kitchen. This includes, but is not limited to: salsa, jellies, sandwiches, enchiladas, etc.

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Nebraska businesses/residents MUST provide a tax id number, out of state residents will be given a form at the show to collect and pay sales tax. Your application is not complete unless we have the correct sales tax ID information (NOT your Social Security number or EIN) and will not be considered. Please see the Nebraska Department of Revenue for information on how to apply for a sales tax number, collect and pay sales tax. Outside Nebraska? Enter the name of your state. Only sell tax- exempt food items? Enter FOOD.
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Vendor agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Handmade Omaha, Bancroft Street Market, event sponsors and the aforementioned groups’ employees and volunteers from any and all causes of action which may arise from the operation of this show. I grant permission for Handmade Omaha to use any photos, videotape, etc. taken of me or my products in any and all publicity and advertising promoting the show. Vendor understands that no refunds will be given for any reason, including due to weather cancellations. By checking I Agree, I acknowledge that the agreement has been read and understood, and I will abide by the vendor rules.
Photos *
You MUST email 3 photos (JPG, <1MB each), one of your booth set up and 2 of your sale ready merchandise. Applications without photos will NOT be considered.
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