Van Norden Lake and wetlands in the Donner Summit Valley provides a rich wetlands habitat for plant and wildlife and is a rich source of biodiversity. After over 100 years its destruction is currently being threatened by the Truckee Donner Land Trust. In a time of changing climates and predictions of drier winters and summer in the California Sierra mountains we oppose the counter intuitive effort by the Land Trust to reduce water storage and destroy critical wetland habitat.

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Do you agree that Van Norden Lake should be preserved as a California State compliant lake in the Donner Summit Valley
While the current lake is out of compliance with the State, a smaller lake of just less than 50 acre-ft would be state compliant and preserve a significant portion of the existing habitat.
Do you agree that the permitting process should include the existing lake and wetlands in the evaluation of the environmental consequences?
The Land Trust is attempting to portray that the lake does not exist because they have opened the drain. The fact is that the lake does exist for at least six months during the winter, spring and early summer. If they are permitted to lower the dam the lake and wetlands will be completely destroyed. It is critical that the environmental impacts be judged on the presence of the wetlands (and not dry land).
Do you agree that the draining of the lake and wetlands constitutes a radical change in the environment of the Donner Summit Valley and requires that a full Environmental Impact Report be performed to evaluate the feasibility of this project?
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