Hubbard ISD Student Survey - 2020-2021
Please answer each question.
1. My teachers let me know that the most important thing about school is academic achievement. *
2. Discipline is fair at my school and related to the rules which are broken. *
3. The principals and teachers really care about students. *
4. My school encourages me to be responsible and successful. *
5. The teachers treat me with respect. *
6. I feel safe at school. *
7. I receive awards or recognition when I do well in school academically. *
8. I think that when there is a problem at my school, it is usually handled in the right way. *
9. My school is neat, clean and well-maintained. *
10. The teachers and counselor at my school are willing to listen to me when I have a problem. *
11. It is easy for me to talk with my school principal. *
12. My homework is checked promptly and returned to me fairly quickly. *
13. Teachers let me know when I am getting behind in my work. *
14. I am able to get the help I need from my teachers. *
15. The teachers at my school want all students to do well and expect the best from us. *
16. My school is doing a good job of teaching the basics like reading, writing, math, science, and social studies/history. *
17. My school is well-equipped with technology resources to help me learn what is being taught. *
18. Overall, I like my school. *
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