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We are a group of Xooglers and Googlers who are passionate about helping the Xoogler entrepreneurs community via different avenues such as product feedback, mentorship, helpful programs and seed funding. You can read more about our group on our site Xoogler.co and https://goo.gl/U1kNHl. In addition, you can back the Xoogler Syndicate on AngelList to invest in ex-Google founded startups (angel.co/xooglers/syndicate). Please use the form (https://goo.gl/U1kNHl) if you are a Xoogler or Googler.

If you are a non-Xoogler or Googler we'd still love to engage with you depending on your interest.

Cheers - Xoogler.co organization co-founder, Christopher Fong (linkedin.com/in/cfong)

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