I-Corps Instructor/Observer Application
MWIN runs regional, short courses called Intro to Customer Discovery. The course is a 5-week immersive program that teaches teams how to build a business around a new technology or idea. This is a shorter version of the NSF I-Corps program focused on stakeholder ecosystems and value propositions.

Want to observe the process? Engage with teams? Applications are open on a rolling basis. We will contact you with upcoming cohorts within 1-3 days of receiving your application.

Please note that being an instructor trainee or an observer are both volunteer commitments. Trainees will have access to the teams' progress (such as BMCs and presentations), will attend separate instructor training sessions, and will also host office hours with teams. Observers solely receive the same materials as teams, and are invited to attend all the scheduled Intro to Customer Discovery sessions.

For questions or comments, please email midwesticorps@umich.edu.
More info can be found at https://www.midwesticorps.org/get-involved/instruct/
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