SHA 80th Anniversary Awards of Achievement Nomination Form
On October 10, 2019, the Spartanburg Housing Authority (SHA) will be celebrating its 80th Anniversary and we invite you to nominate individuals for special commemorative awards to be given out during the reception. Award winners are selected from the following categories: Achievement in Science/Medicine, Community Impact, Education/The Arts, and Public Service. The following criteria will apply to all nominees:

Residency: Nominees must have resided as any member of a household at an SHA property or participated in the Housing Choice Voucher for any length of time during the SHA's 80 years of service to Spartanburg.
Achievement: Nominees must have made a significant impact in the areas of achievement as outlined below for each award.

Narrative: Narrative statement describing the nominee’s qualifications for the award, and time and place of residency must be submitted electronically at by Monday, August 19, 2019. Narrative should include but not be limited to information regarding: awards, achievements, length of service, honors and a quote from the nominator which may be included in the oral or printed recognition .

Selection: Selections will be made by the Anniversary Committee, comprised of individuals who represent organizations throughout Spartanburg County.

Please contact or 864-598-6023 for any questions.

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