Sexism in Cosplay Survey for Otakon 2012
Thank you for agreeing to fill out our survey! Below are 10 questions that will help us give the best possible panel. You rock! Sincerely, Lauren Orsini and Patrick Taylor. Special Thanks to Ashbrie for consulting on this survey. She can be found at (also to my good friend Ira).
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Which age range best describes you?
How long have you been cosplaying?
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How many fandom conventions have you attended this year?
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What kind of conventions do you usually attend?
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Have you ever performed crossplay or gender-bent cosplay?
Have you ever experienced harassment in relation to your cosplay activities?
If so, describe the types of harassment you've received inside physical convention spaces.
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Describe the types of harassment you've received either on the street or in non-convention meatspace as a result of your cosplay.
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Describe your experience with convention staff when dealing with harassment issues.
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Describe the types of harassment that you've encountered online in relation to cosplay activities.
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Optional! We don't have your name so we won't identify you. But if you're okay with it, we might use some of your answers as anecdotes.
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