Pointe-aux-Tremble Course 1 (English)
Visit the controls in order, answer all the questions, and submit the responses. Good luck!
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Waiver of Responsibility:   I, the undersigned, know that Orienteering, as an outdoor action sport, carries significant risk of personal injury.  I know that there are natural and man-made hazards, environmental conditions, and risks, which, in combination with my actions, can cause me serious, or possibly even fatal, injury.  I agree that, as a participant, I must take an active role in understanding and accepting these risks, conditions and hazards.  I also agree that I, and not the organizers and officials of this event, the Ramblers Orienteering Club, Orienteering Québec or Orienteering Canada, the land owners or managers, am responsible for my safety and the safety of my family while I/we participate in this event. I declare that I/we am/are physically fit and fully capable of participation in this event.   *
Name of the person signing the waiver: *
Control 1  is at the South corner of the fence. Right next to it, the are 3 large trees. They are: *
1 point
Control 2 is at the South corner of the fence.  The sign on it reads: *
1 point
Control 3 is at the South end of the fence. It has a sign on it that is mostly destroyed. One letter that is clearly seen is: *
1 point
Control 4 is a trail junction. Please choose the tree you can see at the East side of the junction *
1 point
Control 5 is where the trail crosses a stream. How many stones help keeping this crossing dry? *
1 point
Control 6 is on the knoll that you can see at the trail junction. The knoll is covered with: *
1 point
Control 7 is where a small trail reaches the pond. Choose the correct picture: *
1 point
Control 8 is at the trail crossing. You can see a yellow warning sign on a metal stick. The stick is painted: *
1 point
Control 9 is a corner of the building. The light blue number on it reads: *
1 point
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