Beer Style
Denmark's beer bloggers are coming together to produce the first ever crowd sourced homebrew in the country. Starting in October 2014 the blogs will be releasing a voting form for readers to begin choosing the style, ingredients, and some wild card factors. After the recipe is chosen by the people it will of course be brewed by some of the bloggers and published for anyone to try at home!

All of our readers are welcome to join in the process and of course if you are in the area on a day the beer will be brewed, even stop in for the brewing. Once you have cast your vote stay tuned to your favorite beer blog for more information and the next vote.

First up for vote is the style of beer that will be made.

In order to participate please choose one of the options below.

Which style should the brewed for Dansk Blog Bryg 2014 *
Choose the basic style that will be made. Sub style will be decided in a later vote by grain types and yeast.
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