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System-Scale Data Analysis to Resolve Thermospheric Joule Heating
Notes on submission focus: We have chosen Joule heating as a central application to structure this workshop around, since it brings together many co-dependent factors of solar-magnetosphere-ionosphere-thermosphere (M-I-T) coupling. Within the framework of Joule heating, the new analytical techniques being developed by the community are the focus for discussion. We’re not going to tell you what topics to submit since we want an open discussion on these new methods. However, to guide discussion toward an overall goal, we suggest the following points to consider when submitting your contribution.

We (the community) are each designing methodologies specific to measurements of the M-I-T system, and its characteristic spatio-temporal inhomogeneities. It is desirable that this meeting helps uncover a common language of problem-solving, related to how the electrodynamics of near-Earth space behave in space and time. To that end, we would like each delegate to consider situations in which their particular technique performs very well, and applications in which it struggles. Specifically, we hope to foster an environment in which the relative merits and drawbacks of both new and old analytical techniques can be discussed honestly and examined in comparison, and we think this will provide a day of engaging discussion.

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