Special Projects Questionnaire
Our media spaces — the walls we sell to our ad partners — are our bread and butter. But a few times a year, for special partners with special projects, we find a way to cram other murals into our schedule.

We meet once a week to review incoming proposals. We distill the story behind each one: what sets it apart, how it benefits local artists, how it gives back to the community, if it's just really, really big, or any other unique qualities it has. We only move forward with the ones we feel the strongest about.

If yours is one of those special projects, fill out this questionnaire and tell us more about it. We'd love to work with you.

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Tell us about your project.
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When do you need this painted by? How flexible is that deadline?
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What budget, if any, has been set aside for this project?
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What press and marketing have you planned? Would Colossal be mentioned?
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What are the dimensions and conditions of the space(s) you need painted?
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Are there any onsite or general restrictions?
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Can you provide artwork at this time? (We can work with a rough mockup if that's all you've got.)
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