Work Exchange Form
Interested in applying for work exchange at Witchcamp this year? Just fill out the form below before the application deadline and we'll get back to you. We welcome applications from both new and returning campers.

Only people who are part of this year's camp organizing cell can access this information. It is our intention to keep your financial aid request information confidential.

IMPORTANT! You must fill out all required fields (marked with a red asterisk *) in the form below or it will not go through! Please look the form over carefully before clicking "Submit" at the bottom.

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If not, STOP and GO BACK. No work exchange applications will be considered until you have submitted a registration form.
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Tell us why you'd be a great candidate for work exchange! Remember, we're looking for folks that are strong, energetic, versatile, team-oriented and reliable. You'll be expected to work off and on throughout the week of Witchcamp. If physical labour and/or heavy lifting is a problem for you, you may want to consider applying for Need-based Assistance instead.
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Please note that in order to make a camp experience available to the maximum number of folks campers who have a work exchange position will not be eligible for a scholarship.
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