Home Energy Utilization
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1. Do you track your actual home energy use? *
If you answered "no" to question #1, WHY do you not track your home energy usage?
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If the interviewee simply does not care, move on. If the interviewee suggests that they have no power to change their energy usage or bill, ask them "if you had a tool that could give you control over your home energy usage, would you use it?" Do not explain or describe this "tool"
If you answered yes to question #1, what tools, information, or data sources do you use to track your home energy usage?
5. Do you own a Google Nest thermostat or other similar device in your home? *
6. What do you like most about using the Nest?
7. How much money have you saved on energy since you began using the Nest?
8. WHY did you decide to install a Nest device in your home?
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What is the age of your home appliances, e.g., fridge, oven, dishwasher, W/D, HVAC?
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When do you plan next to replace any one (or more) of these appliances?
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Are any of your major home appliances connected to the internet, e.g., "smart appliances" connected to IoT?
If yes to connected appliances, which ones?
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9. Do you own an electric vehicle like a Nissan Leaf, Chevy Volt, or Tesla? *
10. Why did you decide to purchase an EV?
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11. Do you use energy saving lightbulbs in your home? *
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Do you own or rent your home? *
What is the approximate size of your home in square feet? *
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