Ten "Digging Deep" Questions
The purpose of these questions is to expand your thought process regarding where you have been, and where you want to go, as well as to allow me to get to know you better. Feel free to leave blank any questions you don't wish to answer.
What are your strongest beliefs about yourself and the world right now, and are you a spiritual or religious person? If you are spiritual or religious, please give me a little more information about your religion or philosophy.
What gifts do you have that you would like to make available to the world?
What was the most creative period of your life? When was this?
At what point in your life were you most committed to something/someone?
What are the greatest accomplishments of your life?
About what have you taken the strongest stand?
What is the most important lesson you have learned during your lifetime so far?
What energizes you?
How might you get in your own way during the coaching process?
How will you know how effective coaching has been for you?
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