Author Visits with C.M. Harris
C.M. Harris loves reading to children! 

We firmly believe that books have the power to inspire and educate, and we are excited to engage with the students and help foster a love for reading and learning. It is wonderful to see educators like you dedicated to creating a nurturing environment that promotes understanding and empathy among young minds.

An author visit by C.M. Harris includes 2 story readings, a presentation on friendship, and Q&A with the students for the author. High school students will receive a presentation on the importance of kindness and achieving our goals as well as an inside look into creative writing as an author. 

To ensure a successful visit, we would appreciate it if you could provide us with the following details:
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We recommend the friendship book for grades K to 2nd and the kindness book for grades 3rd to 6th. For middle school and high school we recommend the achieving goals presentation.
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Parents will order via website and books will be delivered in bulk to you. 
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We will discuss payment prior to scheduling visit. 
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