Survey for August Back to School
This is to give our reentry committee information on what our parents and staff are wanting in order to safely re-open schools in August. This will allow our committee to develop a reentry plan that helps to keep everyone safe. It will also give us some information on what to do when we have a case at school and how to handle instruction when that does happen.
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Please list your student's grade level for the 2020-2021 school year. Check all that apply. *
We plan on doing the following safety measures if allowed to come back to live instruction: symptom checks of employees and students before entering school or bus, classrooms and other gathering spaces cleaned and sanitized daily, sanitizing supplies and hand sanitizers readily available in every classroom, turning off water fountains and allowing students to bring water bottles, and social distancing as best as possible. What else can we do to make you or your child feel safer about coming to school? *
If state officials believe it is safe to allow in-person instruction, how comfortable are you having your child(ren) return to school on August 19th with the safety measures listed above in place? *
When a student or employee has tested positive for COVID-19, please indicate your support for closing schools for two full weeks and moving to a distance learning model. *
When a student or employee has tested positive for COVID-19, please indicate your support for closing schools for two full weeks, not going online, but potentially having to make those days up at the end of the school year. *
Please share any concerns you have about your child returning to school for in-person instruction. *
Based on your COVID-19 concerns, please indicate which educational delivery option you most support for your child(ren) *
If at any time next school year full-capacity, in-person instruction is not an option due to state health and safety restrictions, which educational delivery option would you most support for your child(ren)? *
If your child(ren) normally rides a bus and the state mandates the district to provide social distancing, buses would not be able to operate at full capacity. How likely is it that you would be able to provide transportation for your students to and from school? *
Does your child have access to internet at home for online learning? *
Do your child have access to a device (laptop, desktop, tablet) at home that can access online content during the school day? We do have some Chromebooks, but if we have to go to this distance learning model we need to spread out what supplies we have. *
If we went to a "blended" (half in-person and half online) or a fully online model, how do you feel about a four day school week? *
We will be putting together a committee to help with the plan for reentry that will be made up of admin, staff, and parents. Is this something you would be willing to serve upon? *
If you answered yes, please enter your e-mail and phone number so that we may contact you.
Please feel free to share any other information you'd like the committee to consider as we plan for reentry to school:
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