Vernal Preparedness EXPO speaker application
This is the speaker application for the Vernal Preparedness EXPO produced by Shine Events, LLC to be held January 28, 2017. This application is in no way a promise to speak at the Vernal Preparedness EXPO. All speaker applications will be reviewed and decided upon by the speaker committee. All applications received by December 15, 2016 will be reviewed and notified by Dec. 20, 2016 by email. Thank you very much for your interest!
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Submission of application does not guarantee a speaking spot. Selected Speakers will be notified by Email. Thank you for your submission. I understand.
The Vernal Preparedness EXPO is going to be incredible. This event will draw a crowd of people and will literally change the lives of those who attend the event for the better! Our speakers will also be promotional partners. We require our speakers to promote through email marketing and through their social media profiles and communities. If you are selected, do you agree to partner with us in promoting the event?
As a speaker for the Vernal Preparedness EXPO, you are permitted to sell your products and services right from the stage during your presentation. This offers you a great opportunity to really sell your products to your target audience. We ask that the sales portion of your presentation take up only 5-10 minutes of your total presentation time and the rest be filled with fantastic information for the attendees. Any sales made during your presentation time will be subject to a 20% Joint Venture fee.
Breakout classes for the Vernal Preparedness EXPO will be 45 min. total in length. If chosen to speak, you agree to prepared 45 min of valuable material on a preparedness related topic and agree to deliver this presentation to the attendees of the Vernal Preparedness EXPO on January 28, 2017 at your assigned time/location.
Do you have a CD, book, products, program, or event that you offer?
Speakers for the Vernal Preparedness EXPO are highly encouraged to support the Expo by either becoming an exhibitor and renting a vendor booth space for the reduced fee of $60 or placing an ad in the event program (1/4 page $50, 1/2 page $75, full page $100). Becoming an exhibitor or placing an ad in the program does not guarantee that you will be a speaker, but it will be considered as speakers are chosen by our committee. Will you be renting a vending booth or placing an ad in the event day program?
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