Letter of Recommendation from Shari Liu
The best letters of recommendation include specific information and personal stories about the applicant. Please answer the questions below so that I can write you a great letter.
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NAME. What is your name? (The one that you want me to use in the letter of rec.) *
DATE when you are filling out this form *
PROGRAMS & DEADLINES. Before you do anything else, please send me an email with a list of the programs you are applying to, in order of their deadlines, with the earliest (soonest) deadline first. For programs that require actual paper letters, please attach any forms that I need to fill out, and say when and where they need to be mailed. (Note that you will have to send a couple of other things by email too, so you might want to wait and read this whole form, and send just one email containing all the information.) *
TRANSCRIPT. Please send me your transcript. (An unofficial transcript is fine.) *
DATES IN LAB. What was your start and end date in the lab, and did you work full time or part time? (e.g. "Fall 2020-Summer 2021; 1652r fall semester, 20 hours a week spring semester, 40 hours a week in the summer") *
PROJECTS. Which project(s) did you work on while in the lab, and with whom? *
RESPONSIBILITIES. What were your responsibilities for each of these projects? (E.g., recruiting participants, collecting data, making stimuli, entering data, training other RAs, etc.) *
MOTIVATION. Graduate programs often ask recommenders whether an applicant is highly motivated to pursue the area of study. What evidence can I put in the letter to demonstrate that you are highly motivated to do whatever it is I am recommending you for? *
HELPING OTHERS. In addition to pursuing your own goals, what have you done to help others be successful?  In class or lab, how did you contribute to the success of the whole group? In general, have you done anything to support or mentor other students/peers? *
ABOVE & BEYOND. As a student in my class or as an RA, were there ways in which you did more than was required? Did you raise your hand and speak in class, come to office hours to ask more questions, or do extra reading/research outside of class on particular topics that interested you? (What topics?) *
CHALLENGES. Are there any personal or family challenges you want to talk about in order to help the admissions office understand your situation better? (For example, if are you a first-generation college student, or have family responsibilities, disabilities or other circumstances that have affected your educational path, you can talk about that here.)
AREAS FOR GROWTH. Sometimes letters of recommendation ask, "What are the applicant's chief weaknesses or areas for growth?" What do you think yours are? *
FUTURE PLANS. Why are you applying to this particular position? How do you see your work in class or lab as relevant for this opportunity? *
ANYTHING ELSE? Is there anything else you want the letter reader(s) to know about you?
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