Join the TEDxDhaka 2017 Organizing Team
We are looking for diligent, efficient and sincere people as volunteers. As exciting as it is, volunteering may not be always fun - you will have to handle unknown difficulties, face odd new situations and even leave your ego at the door, because everyone is equal at TEDxDhaka. We just want to make sure that we have the right people on board, so think carefully before you simply jump in to complete this form!

Who is a Volunteer?
Someone who's passionate about learning and contributing with a certain skill-set that can be useful for the TEDxDhaka event. The person is required to be available both online and offline, approx. 12 hours a month and more towards the week of the event. You must have past experience, while we welcome any outliers if you're confident enough about your own abilities.

Who is an Extended Core Team Member?
You are a potential if you have very strong past organizing experiences, have a solid core functional skill-set that you can bring on the table, you will be capable of managing a team, meet deadlines, deliver with high accuracy and maintain strong ethical standards in everything you do. Having a past TEDx volunteering experience is a plus here. You're required to be available both online and offline, approx. 20+ hours a month and more towards the week of the event.

Your data is safe with us, it will be used internally and we will never share/publish anything from here without your permission. Check out our privacy policy And frequently asked questions are answered here

Looking forward to having some amazing volunteers for our upcoming TEDxDhaka! :)

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