Employer Perception of TVET College graduates and curriculum
The purpose of this survey is to obtain insights into employer perceptions of TVET College graduates and the curriculum. The survey findings will be used to inform curriculum reform for TVET Colleges in South Africa.

Your organisation has been selected for this survey based on your involvement in hiring/hosting TVET college graduates in the Energy, Gas and Water sector. It is expected that this survey will be completed by and individual that supervises the TVET college graduates to whom the graduates report.

The survey is being conducted by the Swiss South African Cooperation Initiative (SSACI), which has been contracted by the Institute of Post School Studies (IPSS) of the University of Western Cape (UWC). This project is one of a suite of research projects that UWC has been appointed to manage by the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET).

Please complete the survey below by ticking your choice. The survey will take approximately 10 minutes to complete. Response to each and every question is required. There are questions relating to the importance you hold in terms of the skills a TVET graduate should have and questions relating to your perception of the skills that the TVET graduates have. Please note that the information provided by you is confidential and that your personal details will not be shared with anyone; neither will it be included in the research report. Thank you for participating in this survey.

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