Mentoring 101 Student
Hello student! We are so excited you want to have a mentor! Mentors can turn into life-long relationships if we put good time and energy in. They can be a place to bounce ideas off of, grow with, work through struggles with, celebrate accomplishments with, and be someone we can confide in.

Please fill out the following form so we can help you and your mentor get started!
What is Mentoring 101?
A place for middle school and high school aged students seeking to deepen their relationship with Jesus to grow through a 1 on 1 mentoring experience by having a same gender, adult mentor.

What am I committing to?
- A desire to deepen my personal relationship with Jesus Christ: living by faith and pursuing spiritual growth daily, loving others and serving humbly
- A mentoring relationship that provides opportunities for spiritual growth, encouragement, and accountability.
- A year-long commitment to mentoring where I meet once per month with my mentor and keep in touch in between. Both the mentee and the mentor are accountable to each other to schedule these meet ups.

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As part of Mentoring 101, you are committing to:
- Commit to a mentoring relationship for one full year.
- Stays true to the vision, values, and virtues of Hope’s Youth Ministry and to the vision statement of Mentoring 101.
- Meet with Mentoring 101 mentor at lease one time per month in person.
- Utilize resources provided by Mentoring 101 program to assist in your personal and spiritual growth.
- Stay in regular communication with your mentor.
- Communicates openly and as needed with Mentoring 101 program Coordinator.
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