The Clerk Editorial Board Application (2018-2019)
Thank you for your interest in The Clerk's Editorial Board! We are looking for a group of engaged and enthusiastic editors to help us produce strong weekly content and recruit new writers. In the upcoming year, we would like to see increased readership and a diverse array of voices represented. We would also like to ensure we are challenging the campus to improve itself through tackling difficult issues. Applications are due Saturday, April 7 at midnight.
Editorial Board Positions
These positions are a year-long commitment. All editors are expected to attend weekly staff meetings. Everyone except the Marketing and Outreach Editor is expected to write at least one story or photo essay per month. Depending on the year's applicant pool, we may assign co-editors to reduce the work load.

If you have any questions about the positions, please don't hesitate to contact Ellen Schoder, Editor-in-Chief (, or Associate Editor Claudia Nguyen (

NEWS EDITOR: Assign and pitch news stories weekly; manage and work with writers on meeting deadlines; edit stories for publication (for weekly publication and breaking news).

OPINION EDITOR: Assign, pitch and edit opinion content weekly; manage and work with writers on meeting deadlines; solicit students, alumni and other community members to contribute to the opinion section.

FEATURES EDITOR: Assign, pitch and edit feature content weekly; manage and work with writers on meeting deadline.

MULTIMEDIA/PHOTO EDITOR: Pitch and develop media content and photography. Assign and manage photographers to attend events on deadline. Edit photo essays.

MARKETING AND OUTREACH EDITOR: Manage The Clerk's campus profile, including social media accounts, help recruit new writers and grow readership. Ensure The Clerk is representing a diversity of viewpoints and serve as a liaison to campus stakeholders, including clubs, affinity groups, and staff.

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