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Every individual has a few Financial Goals in life, whether they realize it or not. So, it is always advisable to plan before it's too late! It has been observed that generally there are a few Financial Goals constant in life.
The following will help you plan your Goals easily:
How to Plan for Retirement Fund?
Whether you plan your retirement in 55 or in 65, retirement is an obvious in your life. And to carry forward the lifestyle you have already led along with your family needs to be maintained. Thus requires a perfect financial planning, so you or your dearest ones never have to compromise on the lifestyle they are habituated to. Your daily expense will help us to plan your retirement needs. Considering inflation, we will calculate the amount of expenses you will have at that time to live a healthy life for you and your spouse. We will suggest then the corpus you need to build which will gain you a return to help you maintain your daily expenses.
**e.g. If your current monthly expense is Rs 10,000, and you retire after 20 years, considering inflation, your monthly requirement will be Rs 32,000. And to fulfil that requirement, you need to create a fund of Rs 96,00,000 at the time of your retirement.
Present Value of your Monthly Expense at the time of Retirement?
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Do you have any Pension Plan?
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If Yes, the monthly pension amount to be received after retirement
How to plan for Child’s/children’s Education Goal?
it’s true that it is hard to decide from an early age where your child wants to pursue as a future, but it’s for sure that at the time of your child’s 18-22 you will need a fund for education. Certainly it’s better to accumulate a minimum amount of fund suitable for the time. Now, the amount you decide today needs to be calculated considering inflation rate of India. For an instance, if you require Rs 10,00,000, after 10 years the amount will be near 18,00,000.
What is the present value you assume for your child’s/ children's education?
How to plan for Child’s/ Children’s Marriage Goal?
Every Indian parent plans for their child’s marriage, at the age of 25-27. And thus you need to aim to reach your goal from now.
What is the present value you assume for your child’s/ children's marriage?
Do you have any other financial goal that you like to mention? Mention the year the goal needs to be fulfilled, and the amount.
If you want to inform anything else, apart from the questions asked, kindly write it down
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