Burlington Co-op BrewPub Pilot Brew Recipe Submission Form
This is a form to provide you with an easy way to suggest a beer for the brew crew to work on. Feel free to be as vague or specific as you like!
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Be as specific or as general as you want: IPA, Chocolate Porter, Stout, Beer with Peaches, etc.
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List the types of hops, the amount, and when to add them (time into the boil, after the boil, dry hop, etc.)
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List the types and amounts of malts.
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Other ingredients
List the types and amounts of adjuncts (honey, maple syrup, belgian candi syrup, etc.) and when to add them.
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What is the target gravity prior to fermentation?
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What is the target gravity post fermentation?
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Any other information you think would be helpful: water chemistry, barrel aging, nitro kegged, etc.
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