Class of 2019 Audition Form for Baccalaureate and Senior Assembly
If you would like to audition to perform at Baccalaureate (Sunday, June 9th at Timberlake Church) or the Senior Assembly (the morning of June 13th), please fill out and submit this form by Sunday, 4/14. If you are performing as a group, please only have one person fill out the form for the whole group.
Your audition time will be emailed to the address provided by 5pm on 4/15. Please make sure you check your email for this information as your audition will be on Tuesday or Friday.
Tell me your first and last name: *
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If you are filling this out for a group, please list the first and last names below of all the members in your group (if you are a solo performance you can skip this):
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What is your email address? (This address is where your audition time and date and any further communication will be sent) *
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Are you part of the graduating class of 2019? *
Are you interested in being a speaker (introducing a faith leader) for Baccalaureate? *
Would you be interested in reading a prepared piece for Baccalaureate or in picking a verse to read from a text important to your religion?
Are you interested in auditioning to perform for Baccalaureate, Senior Assembly or both? (If you aren't sure- feel free to pick both for now). *
What type of performance are you planning? *
Describe in greater detail what your performance will be (include name of the act you are performing if it isn't original): *
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Do you require any equipment (such as a piano, mic, stereo, etc...) for your audition and/or performance? Please be specific. *
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What day would you prefer to audition? -This is first come, first served... you may be asked to audition on the other day- *
Is there anything else you would like us to know?
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