Reach Out Feed Philippines encourages donors who support our mission. If you are interested to be a part of our team, sponsor a feeding event and are willing to be interviewed, please fill in this form. Your information is treated confidentially and we shall find you an appropriate and fulfilling feeding opportunity. Kindly read the following before answering the form.

Please visit our Volunteer page for the schedule of our feeding programs. If we don't have a scheduled feeding on the day you want to hold your feeding, please indicate the date on the form below and we'll arrange things for you if a feeding station and feeding coordinator are available. Link:

How many children can we feed?
There are at least 30-50 kids per station that you can feed during a regular feeding session. If you want to feed more children, some feeding stations can gather more than a hundred kids.

How much does it cost to sponsor a feeding session?
You can feed a child for just P50. This includes a simple meal of ulam, rice and, fruit. Special menus will have a different fee and will depend on the type of food you would like to serve.

Can we bring our own food?
Yes, you're welcome to bring your own food, order from a caterer, or buy from a fast food restaurant. Please make sure to observe proper food preparation and food handling when bringing your own food and sign our disclaimer form.

Are there other fees we need to pay?
Depending on the location you chose or the situation like the number of kids you would like to feed, there may be other fees you need to pay like venue, sound system, tables, and chairs.  Ex. Some feeding stations hold their feeding sessions on sidewalks or open spaces. We may have to rent a place if you plan to feed more kids or want a better venue.

What's the flow of a typical feeding session? Who will handle the program?
I. Food preparation and cooking - volunteers/donors have a choice to do or skip this part of the program. This option may or may not be possible to do, depending on the number of volunteers/donors.
II. Travel from kitchen to feeding site - this is only applicable for stations with different kitchen and feeding locations
III. Short program for the kids -  this involves playing, singing, and storytelling
IV. Meal time

You're welcome to lead the program, invite a clown, tell a story, etc. and we will gladly assist you. You may also ask us to handle the program instead.
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Choosing a Feeding Station
All feeding stations serve 30-50 kids during their regular feeding programs. If you plan to feed more children, the Sitio Dumpsite, can gather up to a hundred kids, however due to the current health situation we are limiting face to face activity to minimum of 25 kids and maximum of 50
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Thank you for choosing to feed kids with us! We will reply to you within a few working days. For updates, kindly contact Anna Pauline Castro at or send us a message through our Facebook page.
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