Wetland Camp Application 2021
This camp is operated by Learning Endeavors, a Non-Profit Organization based on Maui:
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Day 2 is an outdoor, active field trip half-day. Please rate your child's physical ability to engage in a moderate hike and physical exercise.
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Days 1 and 3 are online days. Does your child have reliable access to a device with the Internet?
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Days 1 and 3 will involve interactive video conferencing with Ms. Ornelas and other campers. Do you have the technology such as a webcam and builtin microphone to ensure your child can fully participate?
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Please list any allergies and medications your camper may have.
Please provide an additional point contact in case of emergency. Full name, relationship, phone #.
What type of medical coverage does your child have? (HMSA, Kaiser, other)
Please type your name below to "SIGN" if you give approval for Learning Endeavors to use photos of your camper or digital content created by your camper from the camp session for non-commercial, promotional and educational use only.
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Please share with us any additional information about your camper we should know. Registering with a sibling or friend? Particular goals for this summer?
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