OpenPGP.conf Feedback
Thanks for attending the inaugural OpenPGP.conf in Cologne. To improve on future events we'd like to ask what went well and where we can do better.

To simplify things, we use most often a 1-to-5-scale, meaning 1=really need to improve, totally disagree; 3=ok, fine with me, but no thrills; 5=excellent, over the top, surpassed my expectation, totally agree!

Conference Format and Venue
How did you like the two-day format (for the conference!)? Was it enough time?
We organized this as a one-track conference. How do you like that idea?
The conference took place during working days in the week. How do you like that?
Do you think the conference fee was ok?
Who payed the conference fees?
Who payed for your travel expenses (hotel, transportation)?
Who sponsored your time to attend the conference?
How did you like the conference facilities (session room, hallway, A/V, snacks during breaks)?
If you stayed at the hotel: How did that work out (reservation, quality of room, service at front desk)?
Any remarks on the conference format and venue?
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Conference Organization
How do you like the idea having an (optional, additional) introductory section in the conference for users, newbies, NGOs, or journalistst?
How do you like the idea of having a hackfest before or after the conference with actual coding?
Do you think we should structure the program more (say, into tracks with increasing depth to the subject)?
Any remarks on the conference organization?
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Content: How relevant are the following subjects for you?
(Some subjects may or may not be overlapping.)
Explicit GnuPG development:
General OpenPGP conforming development:
Integration into MUAs:
Hardware issues (cards, tokens):
Social impact of crypto (freedom, open source, free speech)?
Cryptography itself (algorithms, implementations)?
Which subject did you miss? What would've you liked to hear about?
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Would you consider submitting a talk for a future OpenPGP.conf?
Final questions
How did you enjoy the social event on Thursday (venue, food, drinks)?
Would you recommend OpenPGP.conf to a friend, a co-worker, or in your community?
Would you consider attending OpenPGP.conf yourself in the future?
Thank you for your participation! Feel free to leave any free-form remarks to the conference!
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