Minister of Music Survey
Committee members: David Bunger, Tom Burger, Suzanne Clegg, Rhonda Fowler, Terri Johnston, Alan Mantooth, Shannon Peters, Alan Pugh, Ted Tidwell (chair)
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What age range do you believe is the most desirable for our next Minister of Music? *
Assuming other characteristics are favorable, indicate the minimum years of pastoral experience you would like our next Minister of Music to have. *
What preference do you have regarding the minimum formal education of our next Minister of Music? *
In comparison to the worship services of past years, would you want our next Minister of Music to make changes in our overall style? *
Are there other methods/modes of worship you would like to see incorporated in our worship services or practiced more often? You may check more than one answer. *
FBC currently offers the following music ministries: Sanctuary Choir, Sunday Morning Praise Team, Collegiate Praise Team, Youth Praise Team, Preschool & Children's Choirs.
Are there any music ministries (vocal or instrumental) not offered at FBC that you would like to be offered? *
If yes to above, please describe/explain
What is your current involvement with FBC? Check all that apply. *
Is there anything else you would like to share with the committee?
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