Volunteer Application Form 2021
The Ukrainian Catholic University in Lviv, Ukraine is seeking volunteers for its English Summer School 2021.

Unexpectedly, to all of us, life makes its changes and very often against our will. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the ESS had to change its format and has gone online. But even complete lockdowns and miles of distances between our countries cannot stop us from mobilizing support, enthusiasm, and opportunity to have fun together.

Last year’s online experience proved to be very energetic, full of engaging activities, fruitful cooperation and, what’s more important, sharing the spirit of being a single community.

Two-week program offers a chance to share your knowledge and experience with Ukrainian university
students. A more economical solution, already tried and tested by UCU, is to create an English-speaking
environment in Ukraine.

To apply, please complete the application below (deadline: April 5, 2021):

ESS lasts during June 21 – July 4. Orientation Program for volunteer teachers starts June 14 and lasts one week.

Students of the Ukrainian Catholic University (a Catholic college revived after fifty years of Soviet suppression) need to learn English for their course work, including classes taught by English-speaking faculty. English instruction during the year is capped by exposure to native speakers in an immersion setting.

The daily schedule includes English use at two hours of classes, evening prayers, and evening activities. Typical classes have 7-10 students and involve a combination of reading, discussion and exercises. The summer school is also a unique spiritual opportunity.

1st and 2nd-year students from different departments: seminary, theology, history, cultural studies, philology, computer science, sociology, social pedagogy, psychology, political science. The English-speaking staff are originally from North America, the UK, Australia with assistance from Ukrainian teachers.

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