Terrie (Wolles) McCoss Internship Scholarship
This scholarship is sponsored by the Music Therapy Association of MN. It was created and founded with significant input from the student associations of Augsburg University and the University of MN to provide some financial assistance to anyone doing a music therapy internship in the state of MN.

Deadlines for submitting this form and any additional required documents are July 31st and January 31st.

To qualify for this scholarship, intern must be accepted to one of the AMTA approved National Roster OR University Affilliated internship programs in MN. Intern must be currently in an internship program or preparing to begin one in order to apply. Please submit at such a time as you have greater than 6 weeks of internship left beyond the deadline for submission.

Before application, interns should prepare the following electronic documents:

-A short essay discussing your musical inspirations, transcript

-audition video


-proof of internship in MN

-Three letters of reference (one from educational source, one from practicum supervisor, and one additional) to be emailed directly to pres.electMTAM@gmail.com.

Decisions will be made based on the application materials, with special consideration will be given to those candidates who demonstrate a spirit of volunteering and giving back to the community. Decision of recipient will be made my the MTAM executive board and will be considered final.

Recipients will be notified by email and scholarship funds will be sent via postal mail to the internship site supervisor to be presented at midterm or upon reception if intern is beyond midpoint.

You will need to have all necessary components of the application completed in order to submit this form these components include: Proof of internship in MN; One-page essay describing your musical inspirations and what led you to pursue music therapy; Resume including work history, community service and extracurricular activities; unofficial transcript; and Link or uploaded audition video. Please note application is not considered complete until all letters of reference have been received.

Any questions about this form or the application process can be directed to the President-Elect of MTAM at pres.electMTAM@gmail.com.

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