#RealCollege Survey 2019 Sign-Up
This form is for you to confirm your institution's interest in participating in the #RealCollege 2019 Survey of real students' real experiences in college.

The enrollment deadline is July 31, 2019.

In order to formalize your participation, we need you to acknowledge participation.

Acknowledgement of Participation Between the Hope Center for College, Community and Justice and Your Institution

The Hope Center for College, Community and Justice (Hope Center) aims to survey students to better understand their #RealCollege experiences and inform colleges about challenges students face. We hope this information encourages the creation of additional resources for struggling students, provides information about which students are likely to benefit from support, and helps students complete their studies. Information from this project may also help advance innovative policy solutions.

This Agreement establishes expectations for the rHope Center and its survey partners.

Hope Center Responsibilities:
- Provide technical assistance to participating colleges throughout recruitment, registration, and survey administration. Hope Center staff will provide technical assistance.
- Provide institutions with a distribution email and a survey link for a web-based survey designed to assess multiple factors of the #RealCollege experience, including basic needs insecurity.
- Randomly select ten survey participants from each institution to receive $100 incentive awards and provide institutions with email addresses for those award recipients.
- Provide each participating college with a school-level summary report of its students’ survey results in spring 2020.
- Temple University IRB will provide human subjects approval for this study.

Participating Colleges' Responsibilities:
- Send recruitment emails to enrolled students for participation in the study in the first four weeks of classes during the fall of 2019. Schools will send an email once per week for four weeks.
- Provide $1,000 in student incentives. This money is to be used as ten $100 prizes in an incentive drawing for students who wish to participate in the survey. Students who wish to be entered into the incentive drawing will be asked to provide a contact email address. The Hope Center will share winners' email addresses; colleges will then contact students and disburse incentives.
- Complete a brief questionnaire about the survey administration later in the school year. This questionnaire will help researchers understand survey results in your institution's context.

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