High School Music Collaborative AUDITION FORM 2019

Please fill out this form in order to sign up for LIVE auditions for 2019-20 High School Music Collaborative.

For more information: Call Mark Duncanson at 925-931-4828 or Jeff Zavattero at 925-931-4854.


• M 8/26 | Auditions | 4-5:30pm | Firehouse Arts Center
• W 8/28 | Auditions | 5:30-7:30pm | Firehouse Arts Center
• W 9/25 | 1st Meeting & Rehearsal | 5:30-8pm | Firehouse Arts Center | Large Classroom
• W 10/2 | Rehearsal | 5-8pm | Firehouse Arts Center | Large Classroom
• Sa 10/5 | Ignite 3.0 Performance | 4-9pm | Firehouse Arts Center Outdoor Stage
• Sa 11/30 | 6pm Holiday Youth Music Festival | Firehouse Arts Center
• Tu 3/31 | 4:30-8pm | Final Set List Rehearsal | Firehouse House Arts Center Theater
• W 4/1 | 4:30-8pm | 1st TECH Rehearsal | Firehouse House Arts Center Theater
• Sa 4/4 & Su 4/5 | Times: 7:30am-7pm | Studio Recording Sessions | Location TBD
• W 4/15 | 4:30-8pm | DRESS Rehearsal | Firehouse House Arts Center Theater
• F 4/17 | 7:30pm | "Dream Song Playlist" HSMC Concert | Members play their dream songs live
• Sa 4/18 | 2pm | Made Up Fairytales The Musical | COI and HSMC perform improvised Fairytale Musical
• Sa 4/18 | 7:30pm | "Originality 3.0" HSMC Concert (all originals by The HSMC)
• Tu 5/19 | 4:30-8pm | Grad Night TECH Rehearsal | Firehouse Arts Center Theater
• W 5/20 | 5-9pm | Dress Rehearsal
• F 5/22 | 7:30pm | HSMC Grad Night | HSMC Members perform for their peers and invite guests to perform
• Note: These are key dates, but more will be added to the program calendar.


1. Expect rehearsals on select Wednesday, Tuesday, and Thursday evenings in the 5-8pm time frame. We understand some school band programs rehearse weeknights, but please understand that excellent shows require rehearsal commitments.

2. In addition to rehearsals and performances, we also plan to see musical performance around the Bay Area as well as plan time to play different festivals and venues if time and member availability permits.

3. For those selected, there will be mandatory a registration fee of $360 (residents) and $396 (non-residents) fee for the season that will cover program costs, staffing, studio recording time, program supplies, and more.

4. There is a capacity of 18 students for this program, though fewer members may be selected


1. The High School Music Collaborative is program that spans the school year. High School students selected for the program will engage in music event planning, musical performance collaborations, masterclasses, songwriting, studio recording, recording podcasts, recording music in studio, web-based videos, and possibly more.

2. We are looking for skilled and passionate musicians and vocalists across all genres. We also hope to have many different instrumentalists audition to have diverse instrumental representation in the group.

3. The High School Music Collaborative is a recreational program that relies heavily on the input and commitment of its members.

4. When selecting songs for the audition, instrumentalists should choose songs that best feature their musical ability. We ask that vocalists sing their song selections acapella.

5. ALL genres, instruments, vocalists, and styles across many cultures are encouraged to audition.

6. If selected, musicians and/or at least one parent should be available for the first meeting Wednesday 9/18.
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