Neighborhood Homework House Summer Junior Staff Program
The Neighborhood Homework House Junior Staff Program is for five teens (7th-12th grade) to work as leaders in the Early Childhood or Elementary Summer Program from June 3rd-June 6th (Training) and June 17th-July 19th. Junior Staff candidates must first complete this application and then attend a group interview. Please take a moment to review the handout of the skills you can expect to gain as well as the tasks you will be expected to complete. Questions regarding the process? Contact: Kasey Rossi at
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Skills & Qualifications
Listed below are qualifications expected of applicants and skills that will be gained during the internship.

1. Enjoys working with children and meeting new people
2. Leadership and time management skills
3. Self-motivated and positive attitude
4. Advanced reading skills
5. Group management skills
6. Minimum age requirement of 13 OR entering 7th grader or older
7. Willingness to grow, share, and learn

1. Memorize and understand the mission of Homework House
2. Follow directions as instructed by staff and ask for clarity when needed
3. Plan and execute ice breakers
4. Establish rapport with younger students
5. Manage and direct groups
6. Becoming a self starter
7. Be a mentor
8. Understanding of work, vocation, and career
9. Learn how to make and manage a budget
10. How to be a spiritual leader
11. How to own and share your story

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Application Agreement
Please note if you have misrepresented or omitted any facts on this application, and are subsequently hired, you may be discharged from your job.
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