Mechlovin' Rogue - UTD 360C Compatible PCB & Plates
• Price ((excluding international shipping from Vietnam, calculated based on buyer’s location)
$52 (USD) per 1.6mm PCB
$55 per 1.2mm PCB (with 0.4mm stabilizer spacers included)
$29 (USD) per FR4 Plate
$39 per Polycarbonate Plate
• MOQ: None.
• Group buy form opens on Monday, January 11th at 23:00 (GMT+7) for TEN DAYS.
• Invoices will be sent out ASAP after form submission. Payment deadline is 48 hours after the invoice is issued.
• PCB is programmable via QMK and VIA
• PCB thickness: 1.6mm and 1.2mm (with 0.4mm spacers included)
• Powered by STM32F303 MCU. Supported layout:
• No underglow RGB
• ESD protection
• PCB color: Matte Black solder mask with immersion gold coated pads.
• FR4 Plate specs: 1.6mm with gold bezel coating.
• Polycarbonate Plate specs: 1.5mm CNC’d and sandblasted.
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