Young people's survey

dsdfamilies is a charity set up by two mums who have children with a health condition affecting how hormones work and/or reproductive organs have developed. They wanted better information and support for themselves and their children.

Children in Need have funded us to reach out to lots of young people across the UK who have a health condition like yours. We want to find out about what you would like, what has helped you and what you think might help you in the future.

This is all COMPLETELY ANONYMOUS AND CONFIDENTIAL - we don’t know who you are, so you can be as honest as you like. We’re going to put everything everyone says into a report and see if we can make some of your suggestions actually happen.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for doing this survey. You are the expert on you and by doing this, you are going to help make a big difference!

Where do you live?
1. Which area of the UK do you live in: *
2. How old are you? *
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3. Do you know the name of your health condition? *
If yes, are you happy to share it?
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4. Can you remember being told about your health condition? *
If yes, who explained it to you?: *
5. Where do you get information about your health condition from? (tick as many as you like) : *
6. Do you think you need more information? *
If Yes, what information would you like?
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7. Is there anything that would make it easier to understand your health condition?
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8. Have you ever met another young person with a similar or the same health condition?
9. Would you like to meet other young people that share your experiences?
10. Are you interested in (tick as many as you like) : *
11. Before we say THANK YOU, is there anything else you want to tell us?
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