Women's Holy War
Directions: Examine the photograph, source information, and background information to answer the questions below.
Woman's holy war. Grand charge on the enemy's works
The "Holy War" was the nineteenth-century crusade for temperance and prohibition, whose advocates were predominantly clergymen and women. Here a young woman in armor on a black horse leads a group of similarly garbed women on foot and on horseback. With large battle-axes they shatter barrels of beer, whiskey, gin, rum, and "Wine & Liquors." The leg of a fleeing man is just visible at lower right. In the background are two banners: "In the Name of God and Humanity" and "Temperance League."
Title: Woman's holy war. Grand charge on the enemy's works
Creator(s): Currier & Ives.,
Date Created/Published: New York : Published by Currier & Ives, c1874.
Medium: 1 print on wove paper : lithograph ; image 31.0 x 21.9 cm.
When observing the print and looking at its details, answer what you think the artist believes or what message he or she is trying to convey?
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When observing the print and looking at its details, answer who you believe is the audience that the artist is trying to reach?
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Instructional Goals
These asks students to engage in sourcing and close reading. Students must analyze the cartoon and address the context it was created in.

Question 1: I would expect that people would indicate that the cartoon/print is showing a group of women who are fighting this so called "holy wars" against the evils of society at the time. A main element they may be fighting is the consumption of alcohol, whether wine, liquors, gin, rum, and so forth. One might also get at that based on the banners being held in the background, that these women are part of an organized society/movement with certain goals, morals, and values.

Question 2: Asks individuals to answer what audience do they believe the audience is trying to reach. I would assume that a common thought would be that the audience would be the drinking men in society, most notably who happen to be the husbands and boyfriends of these women.
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