Campfire Branding Questionnaire
The first step in crafting your brand identity / logo / website, is to thoroughly understand your business, your customers and your story. Answer the following questions. Keep in mind to formulate your answers based on your target market and demographic. Try to not impose your personal likes or dislikes and think very specifically. After completing this questionnaire, you should have a better idea of what your brand's voice, personality and visual should be. Have fun!
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What is your business about?
What inspires you to do what you do?
How can your company make a difference?
Does your brand have an interesting back story?
Who are your 3 main competitors?
What do you like about your competitors’ visual identity?
What do you dislike about your competitors’ visual identity?
What about your background sets you apart from your competitors and why should people choose to engage with you?
What inspired your company name?
What is your company’s distinct competitive advantage?
Who is your specific ideal customer? (Think rather narrow while considering your target market)
What is your primary message you want to convey to customers?
What market research do you have on your target market/customer?
Do you have specific guidelines about colors or other elements of the visual identity?
Explain your overall vision for your logo. Is it modern, traditional, sleek, a hand drawn illustration a stamped seal look or other? Please provide any details or examples that may give better insight into your ideal look and feel.
Please share 3 links to brands whose visual identity inspires you.
Please share links to 3 brands/logos you think are weak or that do not speak to you and what makes you feel that way.
If your brand was a car, what would it be?
Describe your brand as if it were a person. Describe their outward looks? Where would they shop/live?
If your brand was any place in the world, where would it be?
If your company could be described by a quote, poem verse or other, what would it say?
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