Milwaukee SHEroes
In conjunction with our production of Eclipsed, a play about 5 women and their tale of hope and resilience set in the midst of the Liberian Civil War, Milwaukee Rep is launching a community wide campaign to highlight the work of women* of color who are fighting for the betterment of our communities. Every week of the production, running during the month of March, will be dedicated to three individuals who exemplifies the values of dedication to one’s community, collaboration and sisterhood.

*Women/she- we recognize the limiting nature of the binary use of women. We are explicit in being radically inclusive to those on the gender spectrum who claim identities outside of that binary; trans, non-binary, gender non-conforming, gender queer/fluid are always welcome.

To be nominated, individuals must:
• identify as a woman* of color
• live in the Greater Milwaukee area for the last 12 months (1 year)
• Working with communities towards the betterment of our city exemplifying the values of solidarity, joyful collaboration and resilience.

In the beginning of December 2019, we will launch submission forms online for people to nominate their Milwaukee SHEroes. These forms will be collected by The Rep’s community engagement team, then submitted to an outside selection committee (Rep employees + community members) to deliberate the top 12 candidates. By mid-February, the top 12 will be notified and featured each week during the production run of Eclipsed.

Guidelines for nominating a SHEro:
1. Must identify as a woman* of color
2. Must live in the Greater Milwaukee area
3. Must have had Milwaukee residence for at least 12 months (1 year)
4. Must be working for the betterment of their communities and demonstrates the values of solidarity of joyful collaboration.

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Milwaukee SHEroes
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