Pick 'Em Show--Fan Pick!
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User name can be the same as your real name, or something different--it can be any combination of letters and/or numbers. If you have played along in previous weeks and remember yours, go ahead and type it in. If not, I have them recorded, as long as you put in your other contact information.
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Byrnes at TL Hanna *
Dutch Fork at Summerville *
Daniel at Greer *
Myrtle Beach at Hartsville *
Abbeville at Southside Christian *
Carvers Bay at Barnwell *
Lamar at Dixie *
Hemingway at Green Sea-Floyds *
Wade Hampton at Dillon *
Chester at Union County *
SEC Championship--Alabama vs. Georgia *
Big 12 Championship--Texas vs. Oklahoma *
2nd Round FCS Playoffs--Wofford at Kennesaw State *
Akron at South Carolina *
ACC Championship--Clemson vs. Pittsburgh *
Tiebreaker: Predict the score of the Chester-Union County game Friday. *
If there is a tie for best record for the week, the weekly winner will be determined by the person correctly picking the winner in this game and getting closest to the final score.
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