SMCS Private Lesson Application Form 2021-22
Thank you for your interest in private lessons at St. Michael's College School!

Please complete the form below to apply for private lessons.

Any questions or problems can be directed to Brad Harrison, Private Lesson Program Coordinator, at
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Scheduling Information
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What Period Is Your Music Class?
Periods 1-4 are block 1 and begin in September. Period 5-8 are block 2 and begin in October.
Lunch Lessons
Most lessons will occur during class but we may ask you to take some lessons during lunch due to scheduling complexities. If you are willing to take lunch lessons, please indicate which period you have lunch in each block.
Do you want to continue lessons during your "off block"? *
You may change your preferences later depending on how you find the workload in off months. These lessons will take place in person during lunch or after school, or potentially online outside of school hours.
After school availability *
Please indicate the days/times you expect to be available/unavailable after school and on weekends. We can adjust in the future if needed.
Lesson Packages
Lessons are available in packages of 12 or 24, as half lessons(30 minutes - $40) or full lessons(60 minutes - $70).

Please note, the larger package of lessons will require lessons during months off from music to complete all lessons in the school year. But, if we get behind and have leftover lessons, they will be refunded in June.

Payment is through the school accounting system. An invoice and request for authorization for payment will be sent within a week or two of your application.
How many lessons would you like to sign up for? *
Anything else we need to know?
Guidelines and Expectations
1. Lessons are 30 or 60 minutes long and typically occur weekly during your son's regular music class. Scheduling conflicts may necessitate that some lessons occur after school, at lunch, or on the weekends. Greater flexibility in this area is appreciated and will minimize weeks without a lesson. Shortened schedules will be avoided whenever possible but no provisions are made for the occasional shortened schedule.

2. Lesson times are variable and may occur during different days and periods each week. A weekly schedule will be provided via the Private Lesson Group on Edsby.

3. It is the student's responsibility to be aware of his lesson time, to be prepared for his lesson, and to report any conflicts via Edsby to Brad Harrison ASAP so the lesson can be rescheduled.

4. There is a 24-hour cancellation policy in effect. Lessons missed with less than 24-hours notice will only be rescheduled at the discretion of the instructor.

5. A refund will be issued in the event that a student has unused lessons at the end of the year. If a student runs out of lessons early, you will have the opportunity to purchase more lessons.

6. I, the parent/guardian, authorize SMC and Brad Harrison to share the contact information provided on this form with our private instructors for the purposes of scheduling and lesson feedback.
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