Why Fencing?
Tell us about your journey to fencing!
How old were you when you became aware of fencing?
How did you become aware of fencing?
If you answered "Movie or TV Show" to the previous questions, which movie or TV show?
Your answer
If you answered "Fencing Demo" or "The Olympics" to the previous questions, which athlete made you aware of fencing?
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Beginning to Fence
How old were you when you started fencing?
What year did you start fencing?
(YYYY) eg. 1985
Your answer
Where did you start fencing?
Were you motivated to start fencing because of your own interest or outside reasons?
Anything else you'd like to tell us about why you started fencing?
Your answer
With which weapon did you first learn to fence?
Continuing to Fence
How long have you been fencing?
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