Extra Grenfell Healthcare Services
Your local NHS provides extra healthcare services in North Kensington following the Grenfell Tower fire. These are:

Extended Appointments (EAs):
Longer GP appointments at practices in North Kensington and other areas for Grenfell affected patients. These appointments can be anywhere between 5 to 60 minutes depending on your needs.

Enhanced Health Checks (EHCs):
Are an in-depth review of your physical, emotional and mental health. These checks can detect the early signs of any health conditions and also support healthier living.

We now seek your views on those extra healthcare services, to understand if the services were helpful in supporting your health needs and what else could we do?

If you have not used these services, please do not take part.
Have you had an Extended GP appointment?
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Have you had an Enhanced Health Check?
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At which practice did you receive the service?
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