Colorist Salary Survey 2019 [international]
Thank you for helping us gathering information about our own profession and professional situation of working colorists.
The goal for this survey is to collect anonymous information about salaries (daily rates and wages) and field of work. In order to simplify the comparability we will ask you to calculate a daily rate, even if you usually charge by the hour or per project. Please be aware of that, when filling in the appropriate fields.
The results will be published (on the website and shared with the Colorist Society International) and hopefully used by all of us to evaluate our current situation including equal pay among gender and experience levels and guide starting colorists in questions about rates and wages.

We started this questionnaire within Berlin, meaning colorists mainly working in Berlin. Based on this, we updated some of the questions and now opened it world-wide.

Please make sure to submit just one response per person!

Please share this questionnaire with colleagues and fellows from our industry.
Thank you!

Questions marked with a red asterisk are mandatory!
First we'd like to know about your current situation
What is your employment situation? *
What is your primary position? *
How many years of experience do you have, working as colorist? *
What is your primary field of work as colorist? (More than 50% of all grading jobs) *
What grading system are you using primarily? *
In what country are you primarily working as colorist? (In case you are mostly travelling internationally for jobs, where is your residence?) *
Your answer
In what city in that country are you primarily practising your work as colorist? *
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I'm mostly travelling internationally for jobs, the above country and city refers to my residence.
Do you follow other paid work? (multiple options allowed) *
How much of your working time is grading in percentage of all your paid work? *
How long is your average grading day? (Including breaks, in hours)
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